Love Barcelona

A gastronomic journey: discover the DNA of Catalan cuisine
From the mountains to the coast, Catalan cuisine is a symphony of flavors. Explore its DNA and its particularities that make it so special, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
The hidden Barcelona for a first date of lovers
What better way to celebrate love than with a date in Barcelona? The city, with its particular charm, offers endless proposals to enjoy a very special romantic evening.
Enjoy the best libraries in Barcelona!
Barcelona is a city rich in culture and the passion for literature permeates all its streets. It has more than forty libraries for all tastes and the best public library in the world. Discover our selection, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Are you visiting Barcelona? Get around on public transport!
Are you coming to Barcelona? Hola Barcelona makes it easy for you to move around the city so you can move at your leisure, in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way!
Casa Batlló: a masterpiece of modernist architecture
Casa Batlló is one of the most emblematic and recognized sites of Catalan modernist architecture. Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​this impressive structure designed by the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudí will dazzle you with its unique style and wealth of details, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Live a refreshing summer in the city!
With the arrival of summer, Barcelona offers a wide variety of municipal swimming pools and open-air bathing spaces for all those who wish to enjoy a refreshing summer. If you want to escape the high temperatures and cool off in the middle of the city, don't hesitate to go. Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Secret Barcelona: discover the most curious museums
Barcelona is a city full of surprises and unique places to discover. Beyond the best-known museums, there are a series of spaces that honor the creativity and diversity of the city. Go on a fascinating journey, Hola Barcelona takes you there !
Barcelona is a literary paradise. Visit the most iconic bookstore
The cultural richness that Barcelona offers has historically placed the city at the epicenter of culture lovers. We can find museums, art galleries, theaters and bookstores with history and particularities that make them most attractive to their visitors. Discover the paradise of reading, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Discover the amusement parks of Barcelona.
It's time to review Barcelona's memory through the city's old amusement parks. Discover the history of the most iconic of the past and be ready to enjoy Tibidabo today, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Discover the beauty of the BCN Marathon
A new edition of the Marathon returns to Barcelona, an international event that welcomes the participation of 15,000 people and runs through every corner of the city. Find out how to get there, Hola Barcelona takes you there!