What to do near Barcelona in a single day

Barcelona is like a world unto itself due to the number of experiences it offers for the senses. But if you don’t venture outside that world you’ll be missing the cosmos that lies beyond the city limits.

Catalunya Bus Turístic in Ripoll / Foto: TMB

If you’re on a long-term visit to the city or it’s not your first time visiting, we encourage you to discover the charms of Catalonia with different Catalunya Bus Turístic single-day plans. Find yours!

Mountain plan

If you enjoy the mountains, we assure you that you have never been in one like Montserrat: its rock formation is unique in the world and its silhouette is unmistakable. The summit is crowned by the Montserrat abbey (from the 11th century, although it was rebuilt in the 19th century) which houses a 12th-century image of La Moreneta, the Virgin and patron saint of Catalonia.

With the ‘Easy Montserrat’ route you’ll discover the magical and spiritual Montserrat, which is, in turn, a symbol of Catalonia and an important pilgrimage and prayer destination for Catholics around the world.

Artistic plan

Getting to know Figueres means getting to know a piece of Salvador Dalí. In his hometown, the surrealist artist had a museum built in the old Municipal Theatre, the Dalí Theatre-Museum, a full-blown Dalinian dream and an unforgettable experience. Thus, the ‘Dalí’s Figueres and Girona’ route offers a chance to discover the most surreal city of the Empordà and to visit the permanent exhibition ‘Dalí·Jewels’ in the museum.

The artistic experience is rounded out with a historical visit to Girona, the capital of the province and one of the most beautiful cities in the territory. Along its streets you’ll take a guided tour of one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe and walk around a medieval environment dominated by the impressive Gothic cathedral and colourful hanging houses around the Onyar river.