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Why is Barcelona the "Ciutat Comtal"?
One of Barcelona's most well-known nicknames is the "Ciutat Comtal" (Count's City). But what does it really mean? Let's delve into its origins and significance to uncover the story behind it. Hola Barcelona takes you there!
How Is Sant Joan night celebrated in Barcelona?
Do you want to discover how one of the most special nights of the year is celebrated? Hola Barcelona brings you all the details about Sant Joan in Barcelona!
Experience the magic of the night with the Barcelona Night Tour
Do you know about the guided night tour that reveals the city's most iconic places under the starlight? Hop on board the Barcelona Night Tour , Hola Barcelona takes you there!
The Best Places to Enjoy Coffee in Barcelona!
The cafés in Barcelona are very special places to spend a pleasant moment! Do you want to discover them? Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Music festivals in Barcelona: the summer dates you can't miss
Summer means sun, beach, and... music festivals! Get ready to sing and dance, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Getting around Barcelona by metro
The Barcelona metro system is a popular choice for getting around the city, as it's fast, convenient, and well-connected to major points of interest. Here's all you need to know to get around in the best way possible!
The reasons why Barcelona is the perfect destination this summer
Barcelona is one of the most attractive and exciting cities in the world, and its spectacularity invites you to enjoy it at any time of the year. But it's in the summer when it shows its most vibrant peak, offering countless opportunities that you can't miss. Immerse yourself in an exciting summer in Barcelona!
How to get around Barcelona: metro, bus, Hop on Hop off Barcelona, on foot..
Moving around a city of this size may seem like a challenge, but if you have a wide variety of transportation options available, it becomes much more comfortable. We uncover the best mobility options for you. Hola Barcelona takes you there!
What is Sant Jordi and why is it celebrated on the same day as World Book Day?
Sant Jordi, or St. George, is the patron saint of Catalonia, and the Diada de Sant Jordi on April 23rd, is a festive occasion filled with tradition, culture, and romance which coincides with World Book Day. Do you want to know its history? Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Discover Barcelona with Hop On Hop Off Barcelona!
What better way to immerse yourself in the most emblematic corners of the city than with Hop On Hop Off Barcelona ? Get to know all its routes and take advantage of the best discounts for shows, museums, restaurants, and all kinds of leisure activities!