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Bars in Barcelona to travel through time and enjoy the most genuine music
In this journey through the heart of Barcelona's nightlife, we invite you to travel through time and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of t he most emblematic bars while enjoying the best live music. Experience the enchantment of these bars!
Enjoy a vibrant Carnival 2024 in Barcelona
With the arrival of Carnival, Barcelona prepares for a celebration filled with color, music, and joy. From February 8 to 14, enjoy Carnival in Barcelona, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Explore the scientific and technological offerings of Barcelona
Within the rich culture and history that characterizes the city, Barcelona emerges as a hub of excellence in research and innovation. Take a look at its scientific and technological offerings!
All that Barcelona has prepared for you in 2024
Barcelona never stops, and its frenetic activity offers options for everyone. Take note and enjoy a wide range of events… Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Experience the magic of the Three Kings Parade in Barcelona
Welcoming the new year, Barcelona gets set for one of the season's most awaited and magical happenings: the Three Kings Parade. The Three Kings bring forth a festive celebration, casting a glow over the streets and evoking the joy of childhood. Don't miss it, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Ring in the New Year in Barcelona!
New Year's Eve in Barcelona is experienced with special enthusiasm, and for those seeking a spectacular New Year's entry, it is the perfect setting. Discover the best activities to spend a magical night!
The flavors of Christmas: enjoy the best traditional dishes
In Catalonia, Christmas is not only characterized by lights, decorated buildings, markets and Christmas carols, you can also enjoy delicious cuisine that turns the holidays into a unique culinary experience. Discover them with Hola Barcelona!
Barcelona welcomes Christmas by lighting up its streets!
Christmas comes early with a vibrant spectacle: the switch on of the Christmas lights. The city will be illuminated with a special light that you cannot miss. Take note, Hola Barcelona brings you there!
10 plans to enjoy autumn in Barcelona
Autumn in Barcelona is a magical season that transforms the city with warm colors and a cozy atmosphere. If you are planning a visit during this time of year, Hola Barcelona offers you a selection of 10 plans to enjoy it!
Terrifying buildings in Barcelona to experience a scary Halloween!
As October 31 approaches, many buildings in the city are preparing to celebrate Halloween by decorating their facades and offering fun and terrifying activities to spend a night of fear... Do you dare to explore them? Hola Barcelona takes you there!