Meet Blanca, one of the Catalunya Bus Turístic guides!
Discover Blanca, an informant for the Catalunya Bus Turístic , and her recommendations to fully enjoy the different routes it offers, to visit the Montserrat mountain, the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the wine culture and the city of Girona, among others sites.
Barcelona welcomes Christmas by lighting up its streets!
Christmas comes early with a vibrant spectacle: the switch on of the Christmas lights. The city will be illuminated with a special light that you cannot miss. Take note, Hola Barcelona brings you there!
10 plans to enjoy autumn in Barcelona
Autumn in Barcelona is a magical season that transforms the city with warm colors and a cozy atmosphere. If you are planning a visit during this time of year, Hola Barcelona offers you a selection of 10 plans to enjoy it!
Enjoy the best libraries in Barcelona!
Barcelona is a city rich in culture and the passion for literature permeates all its streets. It has more than forty libraries for all tastes and the best public library in the world. Discover our selection, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
The Montjuïc Cable Car on the rise: travel record in 2023
The Cable Car achieved an impressive historical record in August 2023 with more than 259,000 validated trips. Do you dare to discover more about cable transportation? Hola Barcelona, takes you there!
Terrifying buildings in Barcelona to experience a scary Halloween!
As October 31 approaches, many buildings in the city are preparing to celebrate Halloween by decorating their facades and offering fun and terrifying activities to spend a night of fear... Do you dare to explore them? Hola Barcelona takes you there!
Enjoy La Castanyada 2023 in Barcelona!
La Castanyada is a typically Catalan festival that takes place on October 31 and is a special occasion to enjoy the fullness of autumn in Barcelona. Discover the best proposals to experience this festivity with Hola Barcelona!
Open House Barcelona, ​​​​an essential appointment with architecture
Barcelona is a city that highlights innovation through its architecture. Discover more about this area on October 21 and 22 at the 14th edition of the Open House Barcelona festival, Hola Barcelona takes you there!
The best second-hand and vintage markets in Barcelona
Second-hand markets are authentic hidden treasures that allow you to go back in time and discover unique objects, with their own history and character. Discover a selection of some of them with Hola Barcelona!
Castells, a unique catalan tradition
Castells are human constructions that symbolize strength and cohesion and are one of the most recognized Catalan traditions throughout the world. Discover more about its cultural wealth, Hola Barcelona takes you there!