Visit the most beautiful courtyards and cloisters of Barcelona

Barcelona stands out as one of the most attractive cities on a global scale, characterized, to a large extent, by its architectural beauty, with emblematic buildings such as courtyards and cloisters in Gothic, Modern or Renaissance style. Are you eager to discover them? Hola Barcelona takes you there!

Barcelona's most beautiful courtyards and cloisters

We propose a series of courtyards and cloisters of great cultural value, which undoubtedly should be visited for the history and beauty behind them.

  • ​​​​​​Church of La Concepció

If we go to the Eixample, we will find the Church of La Concepció, a church with a lot of history that used to be located very close to what is now the Urquinaona square, but due to the expansion of Barcelona, it was moved stone by stone, to the new area of the Eixample. One of the most symbolic elements is its Gothic style cloister, built in the fourteenth century and characterized as one of the largest in the city, along with that of Pedralbes.

If you are a lover of culture and reading, this is an ideal place for you, as it currently hosts cultural presentations inside.

  • Cloister of Santa Eulàlia

In the cathedral of Barcelona, also called the cathedral of Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia, inside its cloister there is a large garden, from where you can see 13 geese, in reference to the martyrdoms that Santa Eulàlia received, as well as her age and in honor of her former profession. For many it is one of the most interesting places in Barcelona, all thanks to its architecture and the presence of animals, something very striking for tourists.

Don't forget to visit the cloister on Corpus Christi day! You will have the opportunity to see the egg dancing in the water fountain located in the center of the courtyard, a typical tradition of Barcelona.

  • Cloister of the Hospital de la Santa Creu

Located on Hospital Street, and as its name suggests, we find the old Hospital de la Santa Creu. This hospital is the predecessor of the new Hospital de la Santa Creu, and since 2000, is the library of Catalonia. What characterizes this cloister is its tranquility.

  • Pedralbes Monastery

Located in the neighborhood of Pedralbes, we find one of the most symbolic monasteries of Barcelona, built in 1326 and noted for having inside the largest gothic cloister in the world. Its cloister is considered the most relevant element of this monastery after the church, covering 40 meters of courtyard, and was used as a place of personal meditation and contemplation of the divinity.

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One of the largest cloisters in Barcelona, located at the Church of la Concepció / Photo: Enfo, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Visit the cloister of the Barcelona Cathedral / Photo: Manuel Torres via unsplash
Goose, the representative animal of Santa Eulàlia / Photo: oscarwcastillo via pixabay
Discover the cloister of the old Hospital de la Santa Creu / Photo: Barcelona City Hall
The cloister of the Monastery of Pedralbes, a place of tranquility / Photo: Manuel Torres via unsplash

Walk through the most authentic courtyards and cloisters and take the opportunity to discover the history behind the most emblematic places in Barcelona. And if you like quiet places and still want more, do not miss our route of silence and enjoy places away from the hustle and bustle where you can enjoy moments of peace. Hola Barcelona, takes you!