The route of silence, the most quiet places in Barcelona

Although the city of Barcelona is vibrant, it also has corners away from the hustle and bustle where you can enjoy moments of silence and peace. Discover the hidden places around the city where it is calm, as well as the public transport to get there. Hola Barcelona takes you!


Panoramic view of the city of Barcelona with the sea in the background

There are times when you want to enjoy a moment of silence to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are interested in knowing more about the places you can find in Barcelona, ​​we leave you some recommendations of some corners of serenity.

  • Jardins de La Tamarita 

Jardins de La Tamarita are the perfect place to stroll and rest from the noise of the city. In the past, they were a private garden delimited by stone and iron walls. Now, however, it is a public space and heritage and when you enter it gives the feeling of being in another era, such as the time when gardens surrounded the great mansions of the bourgeoisie.

  • Horta's Labyrinth Park

The curious trait that stands out and characterizes this park is the fact that it preserves the oldest garden in the city. In addition, it is considered a garden-museum, as the decoration and elements of the park offer a journey through romanticism and neoclassicism.

Another relevant fact about this park is that famous movies have been shot there, such as Perfume by director Tom Tywer.

  • Church and cloister of Santa Anna

This cloister is a clear example of a place in plain sight even though it may go unnoticed. Many people are unaware of the existence of this quiet hideaway, located right between Plaça Catalunya and Portal de l'Àngel.

The church can be visited, but what really catches the eye is the Gothic-style cloister.

  • The Water Tower

The construction of the Water Tower takes references from Roman architecture. It contains a labyrinth with parallel 14 meters high arches and follows a traditional structure. Originally, its function was to regulate the water in the Ciutadella park and water its gardens.

Although over the years it has had different functions, since 1992 it has been owned by Pompeu Fabra University, which bet on its rehabilitation and gave it the function of a library.

A walk through the Jardins de La Tamarita will make you feel like you're at home / Photo: De Canaan, CC BY-SA 3.0 via
A stroll through Horta's Labyrinth Park is perfect for relaxing / Photo: Bearfotos via Freepik
The cloister of Church of Santa Anna is a silent and little-known place / Photo: De Farisori, CC BY-SA 3.0 via
The facade of the Water Tower shows the arches that can be seen from the inside / Photo: Flickr user Universitat Pompeu Fabra -, CC BY-SA 2.0 via https: //

If what you are looking for is an oasis of calm within the city, we suggest three other places to enjoy moments of tranquility and appreciate the city of Barcelona:

  • Pedralbes Monastery 

The Monastery, with more than 700 years of history, is made up of a group of buildings in the Gothic architectural style. An interesting curiosity is that the area where it is located (Pedralbes), was named after the type of white stone that was used in its construction (petras albas). Among all the relics that can be found there, the chapel of Sant Miquel stands out, characterized by the painting, the stained glass windows and the cloister.

They offer guided tours and activities to get to know all the art of the buildings, always respecting the peace and tranquility of the place.

  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria Reina de Pedralbes 

The Church of Santa Maria Reina is also located in Pedralbes and was built between 1922 and 1936. The arquitect was Nicolau Maria Rubió i Tudurí, who opted for a Renaissance style. 

  • Sarrià Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the neighborhood of Tres Torres and still maintains a simple, small style with an intimate atmosphere. The cemetery does not have large pantheons because, in the past, most of the houses were used as summer residences. Illustrious characters rest there and it is one of the most hidden places in the city.

  • Arús Public Library

The Arús Library, located on Passeig Sant Joan in Barcelona, was founded in 1895 in the house where Rossend Arús i Arderiu, a renowned journalist and playwright, lived. Initially, it had 24.000 volumes covering all the knowledge of the time, but today it has more than 75.000. 

If you want more, we present the 8 most unknown parks in the city. Do you want to discover the secret and quiet Barcelona? It reaches all these places, and many others, with the Bus, Metro, Tram and FGC lines. Remember that Barcelona is also a city to breathe and that Hola Barcelona takes you!