Barcelona with the family

Barcelona is a city that has a lot to offer families. Its architecture, history and culture can amaze not just adults, but also the little ones. If you’re someone who thinks that travelling with children can be complicated, we’re here to disprove this myth, and we propose five plans with a variety of places that your children won’t want to miss.

El Tibidabo

A picnic in the park

Barcelona is a city that has parks and gardens of all kinds (and even mountains!). On sunny days there’s nothing more inviting than having a picnic and going for a walk as a family.

The city has green spaces to suit different personalities. For nature lovers, we recommend the Collserola Park with its over 8,000 hectares of protected area. For those who are into the exotic, there’s the Botanical Garden, which is hidden in Montjuïc Park. For the romantics, the Park of the Labyrinth. For the practical, the Parc de la Ciutadella, and for total fans of Gaudí, Park Güell.

Museum day

In Barcelona there’s a wide variety of museums that offer immersive cultural experiences that will surely fascinate the little ones.

For example, at the CosmoCaixa you can walk through an Amazon ecosystem and, at the same time, discover the mysteries of the creation of the cosmos and its evolution. If this wild and intergalactic adventure leaves you with an even greater thirst for knowledge, you can visit the Museum of Chocolate and sign up for its chocolate lollipop workshop, the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, where you can build a submarine in a bottle, the Museum of Music, where you can play and build Korean percussion instruments, or the MUHBA (the History of Catalonia Museum) to feel as if you had travelled back in time to Roman and medieval times.

Getting to know the city in a fun way

Barcelona's public transport network makes it very easy to get the most out of the city, for instance with the Hola Barcelona Travel Card, which offers, for a flat rate, unlimited trips throughout the transport network for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

However, if what you want is to visit all the essentials in an even more comfortable and uncomplicated way, there are other options. One idea is the Barcelona Bus Turístic, which stands out for its originality and hop on hop off service that adapts to your needs. 

Making the most of the Mediterranean

The coastline of Barcelona has a lot to offer. From enjoying a sunny day on one of its 28 beaches to discovering the ancient maritime tradition by strolling through the Port Vell and the Rambla del Mar or from the heights at the Mirador de Colón.

If, in addition, you want to add a dose of adventure to your family holiday, you can experience the high seas through water activities such as surfing, kayaking, paddle surfing or parasailing, renting boats to sail at your leisure or taking a maritime tour by boarding the traditional "Golondrinas", sailing boats or modern catamarans.

Unforgettable experiences

Barcelona offers dozens of interesting places of leisure. To make things easier and help you plan your trip, we have selected four unforgettable experiences to enjoy as a family.

If what you want is guaranteed fun, you can visit the Tibidabo Amusement Park, which, in addition to having attractions for young and old, also has impressive views of the city. Another family leisure proposal is the show at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, which combines water movement with music, lights and colours in a way that gives the feeling of a real "ballet".

If, on the other hand, you want to feel like true biologists and get to know local and exotic fauna in depth, you can do so by walking through the more than 14 hectares of the Barcelona Zoo or by visiting the Barcelona Aquarium, one of the largest in Europe and the most important in the Mediterranean area.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, which combines water movement with music, lights and colours
There’s nothing more inviting than having a picnic and going for a walk as a family
The Barcelona Aquarium, one of the largest in Europe
The Tibidabo Amusement Park

A Christmas bonus

And to end the adventure, go up to Montjuïc Castle and enjoy incredible views from the top of the Montjuïc Cable Car.