Explore Antoni Gaudí's lesser-known masterpieces!

Antoni Gaudí was the ultimate representative of Catalan modernism and left an unforgettable mark on Barcelona. But beyond his most famous works, there exists another Gaudí universe, full of surprises and details, which often goes unnoticed. Are you up for discovering them? Hola Barcelona takes you there!


Explore Antoni Gaudí's lesser-known masterpieces!

Barcelona breathes history and art in every one of its streets. In this context, Gaudí's architecture emerges as the most prominent figure of the city. While iconic creations like the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, or Casa Batlló shine brightly on their own, the lesser-explored corners of Barcelona conceal a treasure trove of Gaudí wonders waiting to be discovered. This route through Gaudí's lesser-known works invites us to embark on a fascinating journey!

  • La Font d’Hèrcules: In the gardens of the Pedralbes Palace, a little-known Gaudí treasure is hidden: la Font d’Hèrcules. It's a representation of the mythological hero resting on an ornamented pedestal featuring the shield of Catalonia with a forged iron dragon.
  • Finca Miralles Gate: On Manuel Girona Avenue, we find the gate of the Finca Miralles, a work that radiates the architect's genius in every detail. This entrance, with its organic forms and an aesthetic reminiscent of reptile skin, transports us to a world of fantasy and mystery, completed by a statue of the architect guarding the entrance.
  • La Casa Vicens: Located in the alleys of Gràcia, this work, influenced by Arabic and oriental elements, is a testimony of the early Gaudí, who experiments with shapes and textures in a symphony of colors and exquisite details.
  • Pavellons de la Finca Güell: Another example of Gaudí's creativity can be found here. Initially intended for services such as stables and gatehouse, these pavilions showcase the bold use of brick and colored ceramics, all presided over by a majestic dragon silently watching over.
  • La Torre Bellesguard: Located in a historical setting, emerges as a Gothic castle reinvented by Gaudí's creativity. With battlements crowning the building and narrow Gothic windows, this particular residence transports us into a fairy tale, merging history with fantasy.
  • The Teresianas School: Also known as the Santa Teresa-Ganduixer School, it is located in the neighborhood of the Tres Torres in the Sarrià - Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona. This school building stands out for its Gaudíesque facade, declared a cultural asset of national interest.

Outside of Barcelona, we also find some lesser-known works of Gaudí that are well worth visiting:

  • Torre Miranda: Casa Miranda, known as Torre Miranda, was built in 1906 in Llinars del Vallès for the businessman Damià Mateu. It stands out for its cylindrical five-story observation tower, which stands like a lighthouse in the midst of the landscape.
  • El Celler Güell: It is a modernist building located in the heart of Sitges, in the Garraf region. Commissioned by Eusebi Güell, although not exclusively Gaudí's work, it reflects his creative imprint, constituting a true architectural gem in the Garraf region.
The dragon takes center stage in Gaudí's works / Photo :Ajuntament de Barcelona
The main exponent of Catalan modernism, with a creative style inspired by the curves and forms of nature / Photo: Raimond Klavins via Unsplash

These are just a few examples of Antoni Gaudí's lesser-known works, each of which is an architectural gem worth discovering. If you love architecture, don't miss out on the most representative buildings of Modernism in Barcelona. Hola Barcelona takes you there!