Secret Barcelona: discover the most curious museums

Barcelona is a city full of surprises and unique places to discover. Beyond the best-known museums, there are a series of spaces that honor the creativity and diversity of the city. Go on a fascinating journey, Hola Barcelona takes you there! 

Secret Barcelona: discover the most curious museums

Barcelona is rich in history, art and culture. It hides a host of lesser-known museums, just waiting to be discovered by curious adventurers. Beyond the usual tourist destinations, these museums offer a unique opportunity to delve into fascinating and surprising themes. 

  • Magic World Museum: located in the Eixample, the Màgic World Museum is a charming place that transports you to a world of fantasy. This museum exhibits an impressive collection of magic tricks, mysterious objects and fascinating stories related to the art of illusion. It is a perfect place for lovers of magic and for the whole family.
  • MUHBA Refugi 307: this museum is an authentic historical jewel. Located in Ciutat Vella, the MUHBA Refugi 307 is an anti-aircraft shelter built during the Civil War. It is quite an experience to be able to go through the passageways and the underground chambers that will serve as a refuge for the inhabitants of Barcelona during the bombings. The museum offers an emotional vision of life in times of war and provides a unique perspective on the history of the city.
  • Chocolate Museum: if you are a chocolate lover, this is the perfect museum for you. Located in the heart of El Born, the Chocolate Museum invites you to discover the fascinating history of chocolate through delicious exhibits and pieces of chocolate art. Here you can learn about what surrounds cocoa and know the techniques of making chocolate. You cannot miss their store, where you can buy exquisite chocolate products to take home.
  • Museu del perfum: located on Passeig de Gràcia, the Museu del Perfum is a place full of fragrances and history. In this museum, opened in 1963, you will be able to learn about the evolution of perfumery over the centuries and learn about perfume manufacturing techniques. You will also be able to admire old perfume bottles, utensils and materials used in the creation of fragrances. It is a unique opportunity to delve into the world of scents and discover the secrets of the most exquisite essences.
  • Archeology Museum of Catalonia: this museum, located in the privileged setting of Montjuïc, is an archaeological treasure that will transport you to the Roman and medieval times of Catalonia. With an impressive collection of archaeological pieces, the Archeology Museum of Catalonia will allow you to explore the history of the region from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Here you will be able to see remains of Roman cities, objects served by our ancestors and discover what life was like on this land centuries ago.
  • Museu de la Música: located in the Auditori de Barcelona, ​​the Museu de la Música is a paradise for music lovers. This museum houses a wide collection of musical instruments from different eras and cultures. Admire various vintage violins, pianos, guitars, percussion instruments, and much more. The museum also offers the opportunity to see temporary exhibitions related to music and even enjoy concerts and educational activities.
Enjoy delicious exhibitions and pieces of chocolate art at the Museu de la Xocolata de Barcelona / Photo: Sigmund via Unsplash
The Music Museum houses an extensive collection of musical instruments / Photo: Francisco Morenos via Unsplash
The MUHBA Refugi 307 offers an emotional vision of life in wartime / Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona

This list of lesser-known museums in Barcelona are true treasures worth discovering. Each of them offers a unique and enriching experience, transporting you to magical worlds, historical moments or delving into the secrets of art and culture.

So, if you feel like living a different adventure and discovering other facets of Barcelona, ​​don't hesitate to visit these amazing museums, Hola Barcelona takes you there!