A journey through the old amusement parks of Barcelona

It's time to review Barcelona's memory through the city's old amusement parks. Discover the history of the most iconic of the past and be ready to enjoy Tibidabo today, Hola Barcelona takes you there! 

Discover the amusement parks of Barcelona.

Let's take a trip to the past and remember some of the amusement parks that Barcelona has had:

Saturno Park

Between 1911 and 1921, la Ciutadella hosted what is considered one of the first permanent amusement parks in the city, the Saturno Park. This park enjoyed great popularity among Barcelona residents. The roller coaster called "Los Urales", the water slide "Water Chutt", the skating rink "Skating Ring" or the car track "Witching Waves" became, at the time, one of the main attractions of this historic amusement park, which closed its doors definitively in 1926 due to a new project in the Ciutadella.

Maricel Park

The Maricel Park was the predecessor of the later Parc d’atraccions de Montjuïc. It was a park located next to the Montjuïc funicular, which included roller coasters, a skating rink, slides and much more.

Inevitably, in the summer of 1936 with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the park had to close. However, it left its mark on the future amusement park that would dazzle the citizens of Barcelona.

Montjuïc park

In the mid-sixties, the people of Barcelona had guaranteed fun at the Montjuïc amusement park. A space that quickly became a great tourist attraction. Located at the top of the Montjuïc mountain, it offered visitors wonderful view of Barcelona and forty-one attractions to enjoy and let off some adrenaline. Some of the park's most notable attractions were the "Ghost Train", the "Boomerang" roller coaster, the "Noriavisió", the "Viking", the "Hammer" or the "Twister". Thirty-two years after its inauguration, it was decided to end this project.


For six decades, Barcelona residents were able to enjoy the famous Caspolino, located in Gal·la Placídia square in Gràcia district. It had attractions that were traditionally more typical of mobile amusements, but in this case, it was permanent. People had fun on the merry-go-rounds while the teenagers spent their afternoons and weekends on the bumper cars, foosball and pool tables. The name that the park received referred to the nobility of Casp, the native town of Anunciación Barrachina, the owner of the establishment. The park ended more than sixty years of fun in February 2005.


We straddle history and the present and pass Tibidabo, the magical mountain of Barcelona residents. With more than one hundred and twenty years of history, it is one of the most recognized places in Barcelona and the city's amusement park par excellence. If you want to live an unforgettable experience with friends or family, this is the ideal place. It combines iconic attractions with modern ones. Unique shows, gastronomic spaces and much more... here we leave you a brief description of four of the most well-known attractions

  • Talaia: It is one of the most legendary attractions of Tibidabo. Opened in 1921, it allows you to enter its balcony, where you can enjoy the best views of the city at 550 meters above sea level.
  • Avióa journey through the sky for children and adults. Take off in this plane that replicates the first Barcelona-Madrid flight in 1927.
  • Giradaboinaugurated in 2014, this panoramic wheel is the ideal attraction to appreciate the magnitude of Barcelona and the natural environment that surrounds it.
  • Krüeger HotelBarcelona's best-known Hotel del terror, is one of the main attractions of the park, spend some time in fear in the corridors of the Krüeger!
The emblematic Carousel of Tibidabo / Photo: Xavi Cabrera via Unsplash
The "Talaia" attraction of Tibidabo, one of the most recognized in the park / Photo: Manuel Torres via Unsplash
From the Giradabo you can enjoy amazing views of the city. / Photo: Fabian Schneider via Usplash


The famous Tibidabo Roller Coaster, which runs through the forest at 80 km/h, digging deep into its trees, has recently incorporated virtual reality. Put on your glasses and travel to space or the seabed through this technological innovation!

In addition, Tibidabo will incorporate a new attraction in 2024: a free fall nearly fifty meters high with capacity for twenty-four people that will dazzle the most nostalgic. Put it on the agenda and be the first one to live the experience.

We have reviewed some of the parks that have brightened the days of Barcelona residents for many years. Now, we can keep doing it visiting Tibidabo. All of this in the magnificent natural surroundings of the Serra de Collserola, with the best views of the city. Don't miss it and remember to use public transport to get there, Hola Barcelona takes you there!