Discover the passages of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that has a large number of passages that have a particular charm and that you must visit to discover and dive into the history of the city. We tell you which are the most famous in the city and the public transport to get there. Hola Barcelona takes you!

The Gothic Quarter has alleyways and buildings worth visiting

Streets and passages with a different charm

Although there are many alleys to discover throughout the city, there are some that, either because of their beauty or because of the history behind them, are worth visiting and photographing. Here are the 3 that you must see when you are in Barcelona!

1. Carrer d'Ibèria

This street, which comes off Carrer Olzinelles, is made up of a whole row of not very tall old houses. The main characteristic feature that makes it special is the feeling it conveys when passing by, as it looks like a small hidden village that is, at the same time, close to and far from Carrer de Sants. It feels like being away from the big city because of the quiet terrace and the building of the Society of Artists.

2. Carrer del Bisbe

One of the most beautiful and magical streets in the city is Carrer del Bisbe. It is located in the Gothic Quarter and stands out for its stone construction and the fact that it has maintained the medieval style of the time. In addition, it is one of the oldest streets in Barcelona, ​​through which you can still breathe the atmosphere of the 12th century with the Gothic architecture, the stone pavement and the well-known Pont del Bisbe.

3. Carrer d'Aiguafreda

Within the Horta-Guinardó district we find one of the most unique and different streets in the city. It is one of the few remaining that maintains a representative style of the 20th century. In the past, it was a place where citizens went to wash clothes due to the fact that the houses around had a lot of water from wells, which are still preserved. The decoration, the colors, the laundry rooms and the plants transport those who walk down this street to another era with a tranquility that invites them to get lost.

So, these three streets are special because they have the ability to transport those who walk along them to another mental place, away from frenetic Barcelona.

Carrer del Bisbe still has its medieval charm / Photo: Татьяна Шчебланова via Pexels
The Sagrada Familia is a monument that can be seen from different perspectives. Discover different alleys with a unique beauty / Photo: Olena Ukraine via Unsplash
Get lost in the alleys of Barcelona and enjoy the peculiarities of the city / Photo Ronni Kurtz via Unsplash

The passages you can't miss!

Barcelona stands out for the beauty it sends out through its streets. Since there are a large number of passages and alleys that are a must to visit, these can be divided according to their characteristics: well-known, secret, industrial, rustic...

If you're in the city and have time, here's a list of alleys you can't miss!

1. Known passages:

  • Passatge del Crèdit - located in the Gothic quarter, within the block of houses between Carrer Ferran, Avinyó, Baixada de Sant Miquel and de l'Ensenyança.
  • Passatge de la Pau - street in the Mercè neighborhood that has one access from Carrer Josep Anselm Clavé and another from Carrer Sils.
  • Passatge Bacardí - covered street, exclusively for pedestrians, which connects Rambla nº 42 with Plaça Reial.

2. Secret passages:

  • Passatge de Catalunya - located in El Camp de l'Arpa del Clot, Barcelonès
  • Passatge Mallofré - secret, hidden and picturesque street located in the neighborhood of Sarrià
  • Passatge Serrahima - made up of houses of eclectic or modernist style, is in the heart of the Satalia district.

3. Industrial passages:

  • Passatge Bernardí Martorell - architectural complex of Barcelona's Raval and which connects carrer de Sant Rafael and carrer de l'Hospital.
  • Passatge de les Manufactures - a passage that crosses the houses of Carrer Sant Pere Més Alt and Trafalgar, connecting the Born with the Eixample.
  • Passatge de Sert - located in the Sant Pere district, it was the road that crossed one of the most important textile factories in Barcelona.

4. Rustic passages:

  • Passatge del Camp - street in the municipality of Cornellà de Llobregat.
  • Passatge Joan Goula - located below Torre Glòries and near the Llacuna metro stop.
  • Passatge Trullàs - old street of Poblenou.
The Permanyer Passage is one of the best preserved in its original character / Photo via Barcelona Bus Turístic
The dwellings and business spaces are the work of Magí Rius i Mulet / By Pere López, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Remember that you can visit these emblematic passages, alleys and streets that they will help you get to know the history of the city first hand and transport you to other times. Hola Barcelona takes you!