What to do for Castanyada and Halloween in Barcelona?

The Castanyada and Halloween are two traditions that coexist on the eve of All Saints. Find out what plans the city has been cooking for this festive season and how to arrive there. Hola Barcelona takes you

The chestnut stalls that fill the streets of Catalonia are typical during the festivities of this time / Photo: FrancescoPaggiaro via Pexels

The Castanyada

The month of October ends with one of the most rooted traditions in Catalonia, the famous Castanyada. It is a party that is celebrated in different ways on the night of October 31st and that has long coexisted with the adopted tradition of Halloween, that has a pagan origin with roots in an ancient Celtic festival of more than 3,000 years ago known as Samhain ("end of summer" in Old Irish).

The Castanyada is a popular festival in Catalonia that has the tradition of eating chestnuts, panellets, sweet potatoes and candied fruit, typical autumn products that you have to taste and cook and pair them with a good moscatel.

If you are planning on celebrating this holiday in Barcelona, ​​we recommend some plans to enjoy it to the fullest with family and friends:

  • The Castanyada in Ciutat Vella:

The civic centers and neighbors of Ciutat Vella invite you to celebrate this party in community.

On Saturday 29th October there is a celebration at the Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí, from 5pm to 7pm. It is a workshop known as "Makerart", where festive decorations are organized for the Castanyada, Day of the Dead and Halloween. It is dedicated to boys and girls aged from 8 to 12 years old.

In addition, on Fridays from October 7th to 28th, you can go to the Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí to share an afternoon in family with games, shows, workshops and much more, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  • 14th October - Family workshops
  • 21th October - Family playroom
  • 28th October - The Castanyada - Halloween
  • The Castanyada in the Eixample

In the Eixample, family activities are also organized to celebrate the Castanyada. On Fridays, from October 7th to 28th, there is a workshop at the Centre Cívic Cotxeres Borrell known as "Autumn on demand". Autumn offers a variety of products with which you can cook delicious, nutritious and low-cost dishes, and teacher "La Mamma Alicia" teaches you how to prepare them.

  • The Castanyada in La Pedrera

On the 12th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of October from 10am you can celebrate the Castanyada with the younger ones. This year, the Castanyera will visit La Pedrera and the building will be full of representative objects from autumn. You can discover Antoni Gaudí's most emblematic building with different challenges.

Don't miss these celebrations that bring you closer to the city's culture!

Roasted chestnuts are the main protagonists of the seasonal festivities / Photo: Dashu83 via Freepik
Sweet potatoes are also typical of the stalls in the Castanyada / Photo Rawpixel.com via Freepik


The Anglo-Saxon tradition of Halloween for a few years has made its way during the night of October 31st and coexists in our house with the celebration of the Castanyada.

If you are looking for plans to celebrate Halloween in Barcelona, ​​see where you can go and what to do:

  • Halloween in Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol becomes the perfect place to celebrate one of the most terrifying traditions of the year. From October 22nd to November 6th, children and adults alike will be able to roam the streets decorated especially for the occasion. In addition, you will be able to find the most haunted characters, as well as a lot of activities to enjoy Halloween with family or friends.

During these holidays, you can't miss the haunted tunnel! Take the opportunity to stroll through the streets and squares, slide down giant slides, visit the Fran Daurel Museum, immerse yourself in the audiovisuals and have something to eat in the restaurants inside the premises.

  • Halloween in Sants-Montjuïc

The most terrifying celebration is held at the Centre Cívic Font de la Guatlla on October 29th. It's a party with spooky games, costume contests, music, and more.

  • The Night of Souls at Tibidabo

From October 1st to November 6th take the opportunity to climb Tibidabo and enter the Hotel Krüeger for a terrifying experience. In addition, let yourself be surprised by the show specially designed for the celebration of Halloween, called The Night of Souls. Do not miss it!

A typical Halloween tradition is decorating pumpkins / Photo: David Menidrey via Unsplash
The favorite Halloween tradition of the younger ones is dressing up / Photo: Charles Parker via Pexels
Streets and houses are decorated in a terrifying way / Photo: Freepik via Freepik

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