The neighborhoods of Sant Antoni and Sant Andreu and Els Tres Tombs festival in Barcelona!

Barcelona has 73 neighborhoods, each of them with particularities that make them special and, all together, make up the city's identity. Interestingly, there are two that have a fact that unites them: the neighborhoods of Sant Antoni and Sant Andreu and their major festival of Els Tres Tombs. We explain the main features of the celebration, as well as some of the most emblematic places in these two neighborhoods. Hola Barcelona takes you!

A float with horses in the middle of the street in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni

Barcelona is a city with an extensive history and culture and, therefore, with many diverse traditions. One of these festivities is Barcelona's Els Tres Tombs Festival, which is celebrated in Sant Antoni and Sant Andreu.

Barcelona's Tres Tombs festival

From January 13th to 22nd, this popular festival is celebrated, characterized by the parade and cavalcade of different carriages pulled by pack animals such as mules, horses and donkeys. The stages that host the show are precisely the squares and streets of the neighborhoods of Sant Antoni and Sant Andreu.

Originally, this festivity was born in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni as a tribute to the patron saint of beasts of burden and domestic animals, and that is why another main activity is the blessing of animals at the doors or steps of churches.

The festivity officially begins when a dove is flown that represents the 150 traditional doves and that allude to the 150 wishes that the city asks of the Saint. The program includes a series of Catalan traditions, apart from the cavalcade, such as castellers, sardanes and correfocs.

Sant Antoni neighborhood

Sant Antoni is one of the neighborhoods that make up the Eixample district. Very close to the center, its streets host numerous restaurants and shops, being one of the trendy areas for eating out. In addition, it is also highly attractive for its multicultural and urban atmosphere.

One of the most characteristic features of this neighborhood is the contrast between the peace that breathes there and the young atmosphere of its neighbors. It has a special and captivating charm, formed by an alternative and varied cultural scene within a quiet neighborhood. It has establishments to try the typical food of the city, alternative and traditional shops, and of course its emblematic Sant Antoni Market, one of the largest in the city.

Sant Andreu neighborhood

Despite being further from the city center, it has all the essential elements to live an authentic Catalan experience. This neighborhood presents monuments with history, traditional establishments, cultural and gastronomic offer.

In the past, it had a great manufacturing and industrial influence. Currently, the neighborhood still offers spaces where you can breathe the atmosphere of a small town, at the same time as it presents state-of-the-art facilities such as La Pegaso and La Maquinista.

The most characteristic event of the party is the parade! / Photo: Jordi Ferrer via WikiCommons
It is tradition to bless domestic animals during the celebration / Photo: Jordi Ferrer via WikiCommons
Take the opportunity to visit the Sant Antoni Market! / Photo: GrafiJeremiah via Unsplash
Discover the curiosities that the Sant Andreu neighborhood hides! / Photo: Barcelona City Council

Take advantage of the dates of Els Tres Tombs festival and experience some of the typical traditions of the neighborhoods of Barcelona! Likewise, you can enjoy two authentic neighborhoods that will bring you closer to the history of the city. Hola Barcelona takes you!