The flavors of Christmas: enjoy the best traditional dishes

In Catalonia, Christmas is not only characterized by lights, decorated buildings, markets and Christmas carols, you can also enjoy delicious cuisine that turns the holidays into a unique culinary experience. Discover them with Hola Barcelona!

The flavors of Christmas: enjoy the best traditional dishes

We'll explore some of the traditional Christmas dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to taste them! 

  • Carn d'olla i escudella: this food is one of the culinary jewels with the greatest tradition of the Catalan Christmas holidays. This dish consists of a soup that is prepared with different types of meat, legumes and vegetables. It is an option that stands out for its complexity of flavors and its comforting character, perfect for cold winter nights. Galets soup is one of those typical dishes that are usually cooked for Christmas Day. Galets are a snail-shaped pasta that, according to some sources, was possibly invented in the Born neighborhood, at the beginning of the last century.
  • Cannelloni: cannelloni are another classic of Christmas meals,  are often filled with the meat from the escudella and covered with a layer of béchamel, creating a creamy and gratin dish that also provides heat to neutralize the cold of winter.
  • Roast Duck and Roast Chicken: Roast duck is a delicious dish with its juicy meat and crispy skin with herbs and spices, it is perfect for parties. As for roast chicken, the tender meat and mild flavors make it a light and delicious option to share at the Christmas table.
  • Nougat and neules: nougats and neules are other essentials for the Christmas holidays. These sweets are prepared with almonds or walnuts and honey, and come in different textures, such as soft, semi-soft or crunchy. Its presence on the table symbolizes the tradition and affection shared during celebrations, and is the ideal complement for a good after-dinner meal!
  • Tortell de Reis:  King cake is eaten on January 6 in honor of Epiphany, or Twelfth Night, this sweet is a crown of sugary dough, richly filled with cream, cream or truffle.
Nougats are another essential part of the Christmas holidays / Photo: NName13 via Pixabay
Don't miss the opportunity to taste traditional Catalan dishes / Photo: RitaE via Pixabay
The Christmas holidays are ideal for enjoying good meals / Photo: Valeria Aksakova via Freepik

Christmas dishes not only reflect the gastronomic richness of Catalonia, also preserve the rich history and tradition of the holidays. Go to any restaurant or prepare your food and enjoy authentic flavors and dishes that are passed down from generation to generation, Hola Barcelona takes you there!