Meet Blanca, one of the Catalunya Bus Turístic guides!

Discover Blanca, an informant for the Catalunya Bus Turístic, and her recommendations to fully enjoy the different routes it offers, to visit the Montserrat mountain, the Dalí Theatre-Museum, the wine culture and the city of Girona, among others sites.

Meet Blanca, one of the Catalunya Bus Turístic guides!

The Catalunya Bus Turístic is a one-day excursion service with which you can discover the most attractive places in Catalonia. During the journey to the routes to Montserrat, Girona and Figueres (Dali Theatre-Museum) or in La Roca Village (La Roca Village Shopping Express), you will be accompanied by a tour guide, who will explain all the attractions of these emblematic places.

We interviewed Blanca Bardino, a very experienced guide who has offered us more details to live the experiences on board the Catalunya Bus Turístic to the fullest.

  • Tell us a little about yourself and your day-to-day life as a Catalunya Bus Turístic reporter...

I have been working for Catalunya Bus Turístic for almost a year and I am one of the guides on the routes to Montserrat, Girona-Figueres and La Roca Village Shopping Express. In our daily work we serve travelers on board and we are responsible for informing them of any questions that users may have, whether about the service or the routes we offer.

  • What makes Girona, Figueres, Montserrat and La Roca Village such special destinations as tourist routes?

The attraction of these routes is to invite tourists to explore other places in Catalonia, not just stay with Barcelona. Sometimes, tourists focus on the city and do not visit other places of interest in Catalonia that have great relevance and unique landscapes in the world. For example, Montserrat is a place very close to Barcelona and we locals are very aware of it, but we must also bring it closer to tourists and offer them facilities to get there comfortably and easily.

  • What are the highlights of the unique experiences you offer?

We are the official service of La Roca Village, and we try to go along the coast to explain some things of interest beyond the services offered by this space. We bring tourists some curiosities and information about the towns on the Catalan coast during the journey. We also provide you with plans to enjoy the areas we pass through, such as; a wine tasting in Alella or visiting the Sunday market in Vilassar de Mar. The objective is to publicize plans outside of Barcelona so that they are aware of all their possibilities.

Montserrat has great importance in Catalonia, not only in the religious sphere but also for Catalan culture, it is a place deeply rooted in local families that you cannot miss.

As for Girona, it is a city of spectacular beauty with great tourist interest, where travelers can spend a great day. And Figueres is very special for art lovers in general and Dalí in particular, and here the guides offer more information about it to enjoy it to the fullest..

  • What are the services that you would highlight on board?

I would emphasize that the tourist does not have to think about anything. When you arrive, we provide you with a schedule of the day with our contact telephone number and radio guide. We explain everything logistically and then you simply have to enjoy the experience! Let the traveler feel tranquility, and take advantage of the vacation with all the comforts.

  • How do you incorporate local culture and traditions into your explanations?

We try to delve into Catalan culture and the most relevant spaces throughout the territory, not only the tourist routes we go to, but we also mention details of Lleida or Tarragona and other important places in Catalonia. We mention local gastronomy, popular festivals, traditions, etc. 

  • And last but not least... what tips would you give travelers to enjoy their experience?

Be relaxed, it's a day to enjoy and take advantage of every moment of the experience, listening to the guide's explanations to discover Catalan culture.

Blanca attends to travelers from the moment they arrive at the station / Photo: TMB
The Catalunya Bus Turístic is a unique one-day excursion service with which you can discover the most attractive places in Catalonia / Photo: TMB
One of Blanca's tasks is to attend to Catalunya Bus Turístic travelers in everything they need / Photo: TMB

If you want to know more and discover some of these routes in depth, don't think any more and enjoy a spectacular day with the Catalunya Bus Turístic. We also encourage you to meet Andrea, one of the Barcelona Bus Turístic guides.