Enjoy a vibrant Carnival 2024 in Barcelona

With the arrival of Carnival, Barcelona prepares for a celebration filled with color, music, and joy. From February 8 to 14, enjoy Carnival in Barcelona, Hola Barcelona takes you there!


Enjoy a vibrant Carnival 2024 in Barcelona

Immersing ourselves in the festive spirit of Carnival 2024, we present a range of exciting proposals for you to fully enjoy these days:

  • Dijous Gras Kick-off: we start the revelry with the crowning of the Belluga Queen in Plaça Reial. A festive event that marks the beginning of a week filled with celebrations.
  • Neighborhood Parades: you can't miss the traditional parades in the neighborhoods, where the city turns into a spectacle of floats, music, and color. Move through the different neighborhoods of the city to experience the diversity and creativity of costumes and lively streets.
  • Carnival Party (1700) El Born: on Sunday, February 11, from 12 pm to 2 pm, a party will take place that transports us to the 18th century in the El Born district. Participate in this unique experience with music, dance, and period ambiance. Enjoy this immersion in history with a festive touch!
  • Ash Wednesday: a day that marks the beginning of Lent with the burial of the sardine in various funeral processions held in the city. Live the last hours of Carnival with special events and bid farewell to the festivities with joy – you'll find plans for every taste!

Gastronomy: during these special days, you will not only find festivities but also have the opportunity to discover the unique flavors of Barcelona's cuisine. From special delicacies to traditional dishes, festive meals complement the celebratory atmosphere with the best gastronomic flavors. Take advantage of Fat Thursday to celebrate and try the best egg sausages, coca de llardons, and fritters!

Get into the spirit of dressing up! Don't have a costume yet to enjoy this Carnival? Hurry up and dress in the most creative and original costume to join in the magic of the celebration!

How to get around during Carnival

With Carnival parades celebrated in most neighborhoods of the city of Barcelona and in the municipalities of the metropolitan area, we recommend using the metro to move around to different points where the scheduled activities will take place. Remember that the metro service will run uninterrupted on Saturday night.

Dress up and have a great time at any of the central events / Photo: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Masks are one of the main features of the celebration / Photo: Freepik

Barcelona awaits you with open arms to experience an intense week of Carnival. Enjoy the parades, shows, and activities that the city offers during this special celebration. Let the party begin