Enjoy La Castanyada 2023 in Barcelona!

La Castanyada is a typically Catalan festival that takes place on October 31 and is a special occasion to enjoy the fullness of autumn in Barcelona. Discover the best proposals to experience this festivity with Hola Barcelona!

Enjoy La Castanyada 2023 in Barcelona!

On November 1, All Saints' Day is celebrated, the most anticipated autumn holiday that revolves around the ancient custom of visiting cemeteries and offering flowers to ancestors. In Catalonia, La Castanyada has recently been celebrated on the eve of this day, the night of October 31. This celebration takes on a unique dimension and offers a wide variety of options and traditions of Catalan culture. Below, we present you some proposals to experience Castanyada 2023 in Barcelona:

  • La Castanyera in La Pedrera: On October 28 at 10:00 a.m. you have a special appointment in La Pedrera where the kids can enjoy a unique experience. In this activity, participants will have to overcome exciting challenges that will take them to the most emblematic spaces of the building, celebrating the arrival of October and the Castanyada in an educational and entertaining way.
  • Festa de la Castanyada in Jardins de Can Ferrero: On October 27th there is an evening of fun and entertainment with music, dance, batukada and the distribution of prizes from the Ghost Game drawing contest.

In recent years, the festival of Anglo-Saxon origin, Halloween, has also taken center stage and influence in Catalonia, coexisting alongside traditional Catalan festivals. So, we also propose some plans to experience a scary night:

  • Escape Room: If you are an escape room lover and want to live an exciting experience in which you will have to solve puzzles to escape from an intriguing situation, in Barcelona you will find a multitude of options.
  • Phenomena Cinemas:  Cinema Phenomena: Halloween has always had a special role in cinema and the horror genre is one of the most acclaimed. If you are passionate about these films, on the scariest night of the year, the Phenomena Cinemas offer a surprise double Halloween program with two films on this theme.
  • Halloween at Poble Espanyol: From October 21 to November 12, on weekends during the day, enjoy Creepy Family at Poble Espanyol. During these days, this emblematic space becomes an enchanted place where you can solve mysterious tests as a family.

But apart from all these plans, the Castanyada in Barcelona would not be complete without tasting the traditional panellets, boniatos and chestnuts. The city's pastry shops delicately prepare a varied selection of exquisite panellets that capture the essence of autumn. As for chestnuts and boniatos, you can find stops throughout the city, feeling their warm and welcoming aroma that will immediately transport you to the spirit of La Castanyada. It is a gastronomic tradition that you cannot miss during this time of year in Barcelona.

And if you want to complete a special and different evening, go up the Montjuïc Cable Car and discover Barcelona's wonderful autumn from the sky, enjoying the panoramic views of the city. If you buy your tickets from October 27 to November 2 through holabarcelona.com by applying the code HALLOWEEN, you can benefit from an additional 10% discount on the already existing 10% discount in the online store. So don't wait any longer and get your tickets with this special offer to experience a Castanyada in Barcelona from a unique perspective.

Taste the panellets that capture the essence of autumn / Photo via Freepik
If you want to complete a special evening, go up the Montjuïc Cable Car and discover the autumn of Barcelona from the sky / Photo: Robson Felicio via Unsplash
In recent years, the influence of the Halloween celebration has gained more weight in Barcelona, ​​where houses, buildings and premises are decorated with pumpkins. Photo: Taylor Rooney via Unsplash

La Castanyada in Barcelona offers a wealth of options for all tastes and ages, from traditional festivals and cultural activities to the most contemporary celebrations. It is also an exceptional opportunity to connect with local culture, try typical food, and make unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Do not hesitate to enjoy Castanyada in all its splendor, Hola Barcelona takes you there!